Business Control Software

Business Control Software


Business Control Software - The benefit

The ProgressPlus solution has 1200 users across the expect from a system based on our ten years of experience and the specific requirements of over 1200 users:

  •   Delivering total control over all aspects of your business - improving the handling of orders, jobs, workload, materials, labour, equipment and quality
  •   Centralising company–wide monitoring - creating one central database for rapid information retrieval
  •   Providing complete and accurate traceability - improving job and material tracking for retrospective traceability
  •   Assisting strategic decision-making - providing you with powerful, comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities
  •   Maximising speed and efficiency of staff - integrating and streamlining all your business activities
  •   Improving stock monitoring and management - minimising inventory and work-in progress costs
  •   Improving quality of customer service - helping you to respond more swiftly and effectively to customer needs
  •   Reducing inefficient ordering and wastage - minimising re-work, wastage of materials and incorrect/reject products
  •   Improving your operational efficiency and profitability - providing overall monitoring and better cost control
  •   Improving customer satisfaction and confidence - allowing you to respond better to customer needs and improve quality

ProgressPlus offers an integrated approach to total business efficiency. Let it help you achieve new levels of performance.

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