Business Control Software

Business Control Software


Business Control Software - The features


  •   Logs and tracks all enquiries
  •   Multiple prices and quantities per item
  •   Uses material quantity price breaks when calculating quotes
  •   Handles variable percentage mark-ups per customer
  •   Multiple quotation addresses
  •   Converts successful quotes into sales orders
  •   Lost quote analysis
  •   Records customer quotation history and monitors sales performance
  •   Allows multiple attachment of related files/documents
Business control features

Sales Order

  •   Multi-currency orders
  •   Multiple delivery addresses
  •   Allows allocation from stock
  •   Suggests Work Order requirements
  •   Produces pro forma invoices
  •   Carries out credit status checking on order entry
  •   Allows multiple attachment of related files/documents
  •   Reports by sales rep, customer, area, customer type.
Business control features

Works Order

  •   Automatically produces job cards as soon as the sales order has been entered
  •   Suggests Purchase Order requirements
  •   Highlights materials outstanding and un-invoiced materials
  •   Indicates production status of job
  •   Immediate access to job history and performance details
  •   Instant Work in Progress valuation
  •   Records unplanned material issues and unplanned labour as well as planned work
  •   Outstanding order reports by customer, date, status, quantities, time, etc.
Business control features

Purchase Order

  •   Multi-currency orders
  •   Delivery performance reports by supplier, date, etc.
  •   Allows entry of Text orders and Sub-contract orders as well as Part Number orders
  •   Links Purchase Orders to Works Orders with automatic posting of costs
  •   Highlights shortages of purchased and sub-contracted items and allows the automatic creation of multiple purchase orders to fulfil shortages
  •   Monitors late deliveries
  •   Monitors supplier performance
  •   Generates purchase price enquiries to multiple suppliers
  •   Controls invoice approvals and invoices on hold with Supplier Invoice Matching.
  •   Outstanding order reports by supplier, date, status, quantities, buyer, works order, sales order, etc.
Business control features

Job Costing

  •   Compares Actual cost against Planned cost
  •   Highlights jobs that make or lose money
  •   Detailed analysis of material, labour and sub-contract costs
  •   Costing reports for overall projects and assemblies
  •   Generates Employee, Work Centre and Department productivity/efficiency reports
  •   Lost time analysis
Business control features

Inventory/Stock Control

  •   Full Bill of Materials
  •   Controls shelf life items
  •   Batch adjustment receipt and production returns facilities
  •   Stock write-off and Supplier return facilities
  •   Multi-location stock
  •   Quarantine stock
  •   Stock movement analysis
  •   Re-order level and minimum stock level control
  •   Where used reports
  •   Trial kitting
  •   User-definable fields
  •   Fast entry of operation time and sub-contract operations
  •   Allows multiple attachments of related files/documents such as drawings, 3D models, etc.
  •   Part Number and Bill of Materials import facility
  •   Work Centre and Part Number replacement facility
  •   Full Part Number transaction history.
  •   Allows storage of Alternate Routings
  •   Quantity, price and discount matrix for customers and suppliers
  •   Revision control of drawing and part numbers
  •   Allows stock allocation for Sales Orders and Works Orders
  •   Automatic stock valuation by category e.g. finished parts, raw material, consumables
  •   Stock take import and export facility
  •   Batch traceability
Business control features

Delivery Recording

  •   Allows and controls deliveries of multiple orders on one note
  •   Generates Certificates of Conformity if required
  •   Highlights deliveries that are not invoiced
  •   Allows entry of late delivery reason codes
  •   Generates delivery performance reports.
Business control features


  •   Raises invoices against Delivery Notes
  •   Allows creation of Text Invoices and Credit Notes
  •   Allows entry of additional charges e.g. freight
  •   Automatic update of Sales and Nominal Ledger in accounts package, if required
  •   Unique Financial Control enquiry feature. This gives an immediate summary of the financial position in every area of the company.
  •   Profitability and turnover reports by sales rep, customer, area, customer type.
Business control features


  •   Non-conformance database linking to Works Orders, Purchase Orders and material batches
  •   Drawing log - controlling drawing locations, copies and issue levels
  •   Calibration database
  •   Contract reviews
  •   Supplier approvals.
Business control features

Shop Floor Loading/SFDC

  •   Load against Capacity details by Work Centre, Week Number, etc.
  •   Work Centre work-to-lists
  •   Finite scheduling with manual, automatic or semi-automatic loading
  •   Allows job data to be entered on shop floor
  •   ″Live″ updates to Job Costing and Job Tracking
  •   Incorporates bar-coding
  •   Uses low cost terminals or touch screens.
Business control features

Time & Attendance

  •   Generates Payroll reports
  •   Keeps employee holiday records
  •   Provides late and absence reports
  •   Produces fire list
  •   Compares time attended with productive time.
Business control features


  •   Complete Customer/Supplier history - e.g. quotes, orders, invoices, etc.
  •   Multiple contacts per Customer/Supplier
  •   Facility to log all incoming and outgoing correspondence - emails, faxes and phone
  •   Dated reminders can be set against each note with subsequent flagging on login
  •   Generation of outgoing faxes and emails
  •   Incoming emails (including attachment) can be internally published
  •   Export facility for contact details - for creation of mail merges, etc.
  •   Transaction import facility - e.g. mail merges, meeting notes, etc.
  •   Customer Activity reports by area, sector, status, etc.
Business control features