Business Control Software

Business Control Software

Business Control Software - Overview

 Developing an efficient organisation is critical for the delivery of sustainable growth in all businesses. This can require streamlining of operations, resources and quality. It may also require the need to identify or more closely monitor the organisational performance. To deliver improved performance, many businesses are increasingly adopting Business Control systems such as Production Control and Supply Chain Performance Management. We have assisted businesses to develop and deploy Production Control Systems and Supply Chain Performance Management Systems. The use Production Control Systems and Supply Chain Performance Management Systems allows you to significantly optimise critical areas within the business without the need to invest in additional resource. This assistance has supported hundreds of companies across the UK.

Production Control Systems

CANDA Systems is the Midlands representative of the Production Control system - Progress-Plus, designed and developed by Berkeley Myles Solutions in Glasgow. Progress Plus enables companies, primarily in the manufacturing and engineering sector, to ensure purchase orders are delivered on time and that delivery dates are met. With over 25 years of experience in implementing Production Control Software and has worked with many companies that have benefited from the positive impact that its implementation has had on their profitability and growth through its ability to:

  •   Increase productivity
  •   Improve customer service
  •   Simplify the administration procedures
  •   Improve management control and has very effective traceability functions.


Designed for companies that manufacture or sub-contract anything from ones offs to large batch work, Progress-Plus is used by a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Medical, MotorSport and Oil and Gas.

Supply Chain "Performance Management" Systems

The XACTIO supply chain portal has been developed by Canda Systems to enable organisations to manage and measure 'real time' data on supply chain performance. The supply chain portal system was initially developed for the Aerospace and Defense industry and is SC21 approved. It has since gone on to be used in the Automotive, Petrochemical and Nuclear industries.


XACTIO can be integrated with Progress Plus and other internal systems to provide a powerful tool for monitoring the transactions that take place between all members of the supply chain. The XACTIO online web based system provides 'visibility' of performance of suppliers in the supply chain and provides live data links enable viewing and monitoring of the following.


  •   QCD&Rm - Measure your supplier Quality, Cost, Delivery and Responsiveness.
  •   Suppliers can view and acknowledge Purchase Orders online within minutes of them being raised.
  •   RFQs - Suppliers can view and respond to Request For Quotations
  •   Schedule, Forecast and Open Orders - Suppliers can view open order reports and provide promise dates.
  •   NCR - Suppliers can respond to Non Conformance Reports (NCR) with their Corrective Action Report and disposition instructions.
  •   Customers can view the progress of their orders right down to works order operation.
  •   Inventory -Customers can view KANBAN inventory.