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Business Control Software


Business Control Software - Package

The package utilises the 'best practice' manufacturing concepts to efficiently automate and speed up business processes. Progress Plus is designed specifically for manufacturing companies. Designed for companies that 'make to order' but is ideal for environments containing a mix of repeat and one off jobs. Progress Plus can be rapidly integrated with existing systems and has as easy to use menu system. This gives the user an ability to drill into every operation. The system is intuitive and enables easy switching between activities without the need to remember order numbers of references - whether this be purchasing of material; manufacturing routings; delivery notes or invoice numbers. Progress Plus provides the following capabilities:

  •   Real Time information from Progress Plus, enables effective management control in all areas of the business as information can be maintained centrally, enabling improved efficiency and error reduction.
  •   Efficiency optimisation - The ability to identify the profitability/unprofitability of jobs and company departments/divisions.
  •   Effective quality management systems.
  •   Excellent customer service in a professional manner.
  •   Management of stock, setting min/max order levels which can be used in a KANBAN situation to highlight areas of low stock, to force a re-order chain of events either through the supply chain or in-house manufacturing.
  •   Customer and supplier visibility of orders and stock - Data can be exported to Company websites, where customers have the ability to log-in and check progress of orders and stock levels of inventory. Quality control data can be exported to Company websites also, allowing suppliers to log-in and check their delivery and quality performance, against specific measures.


Designed for companies that manufacture or sub-contract anything from ones offs to large batch work, Progress Plus is used by a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Medical, Motor Sport and Oil and Gas.


The development road map for the Progress Plus software package is driven by the 'Customer Experience' and is continually updated to ensure current and future customer requirements are met. The system is modular in design, which means you can start with the core application and add to it as requirements develop. Training is carried out on customer sites, keeping costs to a minimum and allowing all departments to be trained on different modules at different times of the training day. CANDA Systems can also provide you with the complete hardware solution for the Progress Plus software system to run on.