Business Control Software

Business Control Software

Supply Chain Performance Management

Business Control Software - Supply Chain Performance Management

CANDA has developed an online portal XACTIO for monitoring your supply chain. XACTIO was originally developed for a customer running Progress Plus and so was designed from the beginning to plug directly into it. With XACTIO linked into Progress Plus you can:


  •   Measure your supplier Quality, Cost, Delivery and Responsiveness.
  •   Suppliers can view and acknowledge Purchase Orders online within minutes of them being raised.
  •   Suppliers can view and respond to Request For Quotations (RFQs).
  •   Suppliers can view open order reports and provide promise dates.
  •   Suppliers can respond to Non Conformance Reports with their Corrective Action Report and disposition instructions.
  •   Customers can view the progress of their orders right down to works order operation.
  •   Customers can view KANBAN inventory.
  •   Customers can view usage reports.


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