Check out our blog!

Check out our blog!

Check out our blog!     

Check out our blog! We will now be updating this to let you know what’s going on in the world of CANDA! We’ll keep you updated with current news and events! Also, we’ll be helping all of our loyal customers by writing blogs to help you with your business! Updated Today:



If you’re unsure about what we mean when we say certain things such as “a responsive website” and so on, then this blog is perfect for you

  We understand that not everyone is a computer wizard, and you don’t have to be! We’ve shown you the ten things we include whilst designing a website, and explain exactly what we mean! We also write other blogs about how to manage your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook for your company. We believe that you should know all the best tricks to ensure you make the most of your internet marketing. If you prefer a more personal read, our blogs will be right up your street! Have a fantastic day.


  05 October 16

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